Godzilla King of the monsters

Godzilla (3)The golden age of monster movies. The masters of terror, the reason we were afraid of lizards and snakes, Toho Pictures. When the Japanese created this legacy I’m sure they had no idea how far it would go. Pure genius was their creation. Godzilla is the greatest of the movie monsters.

Myself, I grew up with the movie monsters. Every Saturday morning we couldn’t get our chores done fast enough. Eat our breakfast, then run to the television set and sit in front of it until at least noon watching Loony Tunes, Popeye, Tom & Jerry. You know, all the good offensive things today’s kids aren’t supposed to be watching (my kids love this stuff and I’m hoping they grow up just as fucked up as I am).Godzilla After cartoons , we watched the “Creature Feature”. usually this consisted of a movie and a short show like Flash Gordon or Superman. But the highlight (at least for me) was always the monster movie. Not every week did they play a Godzilla flick, but when they did my whole month was made.

Godzilla (4)I even had a Godzilla action figure that shot a flying fist & had a tongue with flames on it. It was a Christmas gift sometime in the early 70’s. You know, when toys were still cool. Unlike the crap todays kids have (and don’t even know it’s crap).

My wife and I have collected a nice set of black & white movies from the era of terrific monster films. We have quite the Godzilla collection, not that I needed to say so. Our set includes others in it such as King Kong, Frankenstein and so on. There is just something about black & white films. The time when those movies were made was such an innocent time. What a feeling you get knowing that the monsters from back then were (and will always be) the most terrific of all time.godzilla - Copy

DVD and Blu-ray have pretty much made the good ol’ VHS obsolete, though you can still find some in thrift or second-hand stores on occasion. My poor old VCR is on its last leg, as well as my tapes. But we will keep on putting that old thing to use as long as Godzilla movies keep popping up. Nothing, but nothing beats a bowl of popcorn (along with some Red Vines) and a good old Godzilla movie. Myself, I think tonight will be a fine night to pop one in. Perhaps Godzilla Vs. King Ghidora would be nice.

Godzilla (2)


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