Sunday, Sunday,Sunday

I wish I could say it was just another lazy Sunday. But, it’s fence repair and yard work day. fence and yard work (3)Not to mention it is at least 95 degrees out there. Oh, the joys of home ownership.

My cordless drill had been charging for at least 10 hours and the battery was hot. My younger son and I went to the back of the property to get started on the fence, got all set up. the first screw went all of three threads into the fenceboard. . .stop. . .dead. DSC00149All together I screwed in about 50 screws, 3 inches deep with a craftsman screwdriver. If I don’t lose a pound or two from the heat, it will be from the extensive forearm workouts today. But at least the fence is up again.fence and yard work

We added a rack on the back of the shed for all the garden tools as well. Looks good, don’t you think? Next project will be likely the ladder rack.

We have been slowly working on the garden area for next spring. unfortunately this years garden didn’t have much to it. We bought a house instead. There are still boxes of shit in the garage we haven’t found room in the house for yet. Did I mention we are home owners for the first time? Why did I buy a house in the hootest part of Nevada? Still, I love it. It’s mine. Th e garden, I figure if we work on it this year, we will have more done come next spring. Especially since our plans extend further due to the fact that we not only own it (and we can do as we please to it), but our space has doubled. Wish me luck.


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