Governmental Outlashing

Since better than 60% of the country disagrees with Obamas policies, well I’m just gonna follow suite. This has nothing to do with the fact that I am a free thinking individual.


* * * * *

FUCK OBAMA (4)Hey, I have a shirt like that. . .


See, it’s me

* * * * *

Look, I already know I can be a negative, miserable prick sometimes. What do you want, I’m a man? It’s what I’m good at. Sometimes I just have to let some of it out. I can be nice, I can be positive. We recycle and feed hungry folks and all. My wife has over time turned me into a better man this way.

I am sort of in the middle of all the mainstream (general consensus) ideals and political standings. My thinking is more on the lines of “be free, live free, don’t hurt anyone”. There isn’t much of that going on these days with the government growing the way it is.

The fact that Americans have overwhelmingly given their freedoms and indiviual responsibilities over to the government in the name of safety & security says simply that we (most) have just become to lazy or distracted with our toys to deal with these things on our own anymore.

Basically, that “good ‘ol American spirit” has now become “gimme, gimme, gimme”.

Hasn’t it?

I am sorry for our children, our grandchildren who will not know the freedom we knew as younger Americans. Honestly. There is no one to blame for the way things have gotten out of hand except ourselves through action or inaction, we have all done this, to all of us.

For the record. . .I don’t know the girl in the picture.


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