Horror Films of The Golden Age

Since the forties & fifties there really hasn’t been much for good horror cinema. Other than a few lucky strikes in the 70’s and 80’s, the monsters and bad guys on film have pretty much just been copies. With a side of cheese, if you know what I mean.

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Some decent re-makes have been done over the years of course, such as The Fly, The Mummy and a few others have been done fairly well.

The wolf & vampire flicks are always a good genre to look for when searching for newer versions. Although some of the haunted house types were better left undone. Not to say that I won’t watch ’em anyway.

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Myself, I do enjoy a well made horror film. Even if the cheese ball factor is higher than usual. I grew up in the 70’s & 80’s, so the movies I watched as a kid were definately a bit silly at times. Silly & scary at the same time, always worth seeing.

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Every now and then a movie would come along that sticks with us for years, and we watch it over and over. Those are the timeless classics that most of our film watching is based on for the better part of our lives. It’s what we look for in other movies.

I love a good (or even a bad) zombie movie. Or maybe a slasher flick, there’s nothing like watching a fine looking blonde being sliced in half. But for me, it will always be Godzilla. My absolute favorite. Although I’m not to good for an unknown Mexican film from 1952 or something.

Now seems like good time to go watch Godzilla kick King Kong’s ass. So that would have to be about the 50th time and it just never gets old. I love it.


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