Nevada Critters (please help me)

bitchI like to walk my puppies out back when I get home from work, daily. It helps us bond a little & gives us some much needed exercise. Ilove my new puppies, they are so cute. And the sweetest things ever. We love to go for walks.

As a side project, I kill on average three black widows a day in the summer, early fall. This year it’s a bit worse because of the fact that our new house was totally vacant for better than a year before purchase. These suckers are everywhere, and huge.

Well anyway, I found this sucker last night around midnight in my back yard (see way below). To be honest in the hundreds of spider kills I have under my belt, This is a first. meaning that for the forty billion different species of spider my property houses, this has to be the largest (approx. 1-1/2 in. around) web spider I have ever seen here. sunspiderMost of the large guys here don’t usually have a home base web, like the wolf spider, brown recluse, vinegaroons or sun spiders & scorpions.

This thing startled me when I walked up on it hanging about waste high. I quickly realized I had been placing my fingers in that spot for a while now, with the gate being the mating piece to the damn things home. A small but powerful shiver came over me right about then. And when I stopped running, I went back to get a few snapshots. Much to my dismay.

What the problem is, I do not know what the hell I am looking at (not that I was being a pussy, that’s not a problem). And it’s still alive. I choose not to kill any non venomous spiders (outside that is) if not necessary. Inside is a totally different story however, they all die inside. Mainly due to the fact that we have two girls living with us and two girly boys. Girly when it comes to big spiders that is. ( I have to put that last part in because one of them is watching me type.) 4vUBmThe little wifey isn’t much braver when spiders are involved (or snakes, lizards, scorpions, bugs & nearly anything else on the planet that crawls all icky and yucky like).

MY QUESTION: Can you help?

If anyone out there in internet land happens to know what type of spider I have (see below), I would very much appreciate some insight. I will be trying to get some better photos tonight, when I stop shivering that is. It’s cold. That’s it.

* * * * *

Ok, it’s 90 degrees out. I admit it. This thing gives me the willies.

Please help this spider. If it’s venomous, it dies before it gets me. The clock is ticking, and I think it knows.


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