DSC00235As promised, Here are a few more snaps of the monster which my yard hath bore. I figure one of three instances could play a role here. Either no one has looked at my lonely blog lately (likely), no one knows what type of spider I am housing (again, likely), or you all just want me to DIE (probable).

I don’t blame anyone for wanting the ladder. After all, I myself would get a laugh out of the terror another person is currently displaying over this shit. It is just plain funny watching someone act like a big scaredy cat over a spider. But seriously folks, this is one huge mother of a creature. I cannot find any pictures of one like it anywhere else on the internet. None of my friends have ever seen one either. DSC00227The best guess anybody has been able to muster, this may be an older black widow that has changed color. This is as I mentioned, only a guess from a friend.

I happened to get a decent shot of the web last night. This web was spun over the course of only about 8 hours. I find that to be incredible, a spider can do this with such detail and strength of structure so quickly. To bad people won’t work so hard. Spiders are little geniuses, and probably the most patient creatures on Earth when it comes to “food” trapping.DSC00256 Not to mention a web like this one is one of natures most beautiful designs. And they are SCARY, did I mention SCARY?

Ok, so I am going to let the world of internet buddies loose on this dilemma of mine. I hope to get some info or even just some feedback soon. Thank you all.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go run like hell and find a nice, well lit, safe place to go hide for the next day or two.

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