Pupdate 8/17

pupdate 8-17-13 (7)Well, the puppies are 3-1/2 months old now. And I gotta say they haven’t done much for the profit margin yet. Pretty much all they do is eat, sleep, destroy things and s**t out the stuff they eat. The garage is nearly ready for a complete remodel. At least some new sheetrock in various places.

I did happen to notice though, these guys have a quality I don’t see often. . .they’re so damn cute.pupdate 8-17-13 (10) I not saying your average, everyday cutie kinda cute, Im talkin’ almost disgustingly cute. Just look at them. Oh, and the sweetest things ever too.

It’s all worth the headaches & sleepless midnight walks, just for a moment where my little babies lay on my lap or next to me and wag those little tails or lick my face off.

* * * * *

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