Offendeditis gathers strength

Another fine post found over at The Daily Gator. Apparently we have “evolved” into such sensitive creatures, that we can’t even see each other without being offensive in some way or another. This particular story hits on the subject pretty damn hard, in a hilarious manner of course:


“I love Steak and Shake, great burgers, better than those over rated burgers at In And Out any day, great shakes, great service, but recently there was an outbreaks of Racial Obsession Syndrome and Offendeditis at a Steak and Shake.”

“According to this, a Steak ‘n Shake customer complained to the corporate headquarters here in Indianapolis that he was mistreated at a St Charles, MO store location.”

“You wanna know what happened? His receipt said the words “black guy” on it, presumably because the cashier was using the most obvious physical characteristic as a way to identify him and his meal charges.”

“And here’s the kicker. The cashier is also black.”

“So apparently, it’s offensive now for black people to notice when other people are black or to refer to them as black. This is how strict the rules of political correctness have become.”

Well anyway HERE is where you read the whole thing. What an exceptionally disturbing way to start off my otherwise great Monday morning, with today being the first day of school and all (my vacation away from the kids). It’s all good though. Just check this completely unrelated fun little story out and see for yourself.


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