Nevada Photos

Sometimes, while out & about inside Nevada’s borders we can snap a great pic. Here we have a great number of beautiful places, towns, great sunrises and sunsets.

Nevada (11) Nevada (3)

That 1st one is a pic of the dessert in Dayton, NV. . .The 2nd is Dayton as seen from Virginia City, NV

* * * * *

Nevada (12)speaking of Virginia City, Here is the church in the center of town

* * * * *

A few shots of the Nevada sky at sunrise, sunset, and midday

Nevada Nevada (8) Nevada (9) Nevada (7) Nevada (10)

* * * * *

A couple of shots from Six Mile Canyon between Virginia City and Dayton

Nevada (2)Nevada (4)

* * * * *

Out in the dessert we find lots of neat things

Nevada (5)


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