Fukushima Destroying The Pacific Ocean?

I read this article at The Ryno’s Horn this morning. It’s not new news but worth looking into.


“Two and a half years after the devastating earthquakes and tsunamis, horrible news keeps coming from Japan. Turns out the Fukushima nuclear reactor has been leaking hundreds of tons of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean.”

HERE is where I originally found this story.

The better version of this news article was HERE.

Now, they say there is not so much to worry about here. But I’m having a hard time believing them since this story is becoming increasingly difficult to research. I found more info but was unable to return to the sights I originally visited. What are we supposed to think when a major happening like this gets erased from so many websites & blogs?

Well anyway, I did find a link to the story again HERE. It may try to block you out like it did to me for several trys. The best way to get this one might be HERE. Look for this site (hawaiiishot.com). It will be at the very least an interesting read for all.

* * * * *

Not that I’m making light of this, but isn’t this how Godzilla was born?



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