Zombie weapons check

You start talking about zombies & people start getting a bit strange. But if you mention weapons for the upcoming zombie apocalypse, and they get real creative. In some cases a little bit scary.

Here are some examples of the weapons that some people have in mind for the zombie infestation and their survival.

When it comes to zombie survival, you need to consider other things beyond your primary weapons. For instance, food, shelter, water purity, etc.

There are a number of kits one can purchase. Here are some of the kits that can be found on the market for survival needs.

I personally prefer to put my survival kits together myself. You could do as I do, make up your own kits like these fine folks have done.

I believe in being prepared more so than being surprised. So in my preparations, I tend to do a lot of research on zombie behavior. Such as how they walk or run, how to hit then just right in order to “kill” them with the least amount of exertion, how to avoid an unnecessary fight when I am trying to find food, water, medicine or ammo.

These are all important factors to be considered when this shit starts. Because you can’t carry everything.


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