America’s Daughters

American children these days have a tendency to believe they are entitled to more than they have been earning. This is not new. The parenting went to hell about two or three generations ago, when we (they) decided not to teach or discipline them anymore.

There are a few folks out there who still hold the same values as the few of us in my home do, and I very much appreciate them. HERE is a fantastic little article on just that very matter I hope you will enjoy. Please take a look and read it all before you judge and decide that we are all just “mean parents” for wanting our kids to be as good as they can be again.

What Dads need to teach their daughters:

1) I don’t care what everyone else is doing / wearing / watching.

2) I am not your friend. I am your father.

3) I will always protect you.

4) I value you, and you should value yourself.

Spoken like a true man. Please read.


What Do You Have To Say For Yourself

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