Beer “Hammered” BBQ Sauce

Today I am going to teach you how to do Beer “Hammered” BBQ Sauce.


First the wet ingredients:

1 beer and a shot to start (you gotta drink ’em)

1 cup apple juice

1 cup Shock top-Honeycrisp Apple Wheat Ale

1 tbs apple cider vinegar (5% acidity)

1/2 cup worchestershire sauce

Next, the dry ingredients:

Drink another beer and a shot

1 tbs granulated garlic

1 tbs onion powder

1 tbs paprika (optional: add 1 tbs chili powder or ceyenne)

1/3 tbs sea salt (or less)

more beer (in your gut dummy)


Bring to a low boil, careful not to burn or boil over

Have another chot

Once boiling add approx. 1/4 cup (or to taste) brown sugar

simmer on low for about a half hour or so

(depending on you level of alcoholol intake soo far)

 NoW drink anotHer brew now. . .burp!

Last tsep:

bY thiss timne you ougght a be goood annd FucKeDed ip bY now..

leAve on stove After turnd off. aNd it will coool For while a.

test it after Its Coold OFf with some GoOd breadd, then put it in Fridget


beer keeps you warm

Beer is like a heater

Now you see why it’s called Beer Hammered BBQ Sauce?


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