Camping & survival DIY (episode 1)

And of course by episode, I didn’t mean mental folks.

Today I am doing some camp prepping for my hunting trips next year. I made and road tested a bow and spindle fire starting kit. Stocked the tinder. And bought three lighters.DSC00001 Also on the list for the day was to make a snare trap for my sons’ education, in the yard. Then we undid it so the birds can eat, and the dogs could go out.

I managed to sight my younger boys air rifle in finally. Set it for about 30 yards, roughly half the distance across the back half of my property. My older son has finally got his “bird butchering” down to a near science, & under 5 minutes per bird. (I know, it shouldn’t take more than 30 second per.) He doesn’t get as much practice as he should, but he’s not the best shot somedays. If ever that damn kid missed a meal, maybe he’d learn how to shoot a bit straighter.

Kids today. They just don’t know how good they have it.

Now, back to my projects. I started to build myself a camp stove out of recycled cans.

I show you.

DSC00250Now, if you spotted the bottle of Fireball in the backround, then bully for you and that’s worth 10 points.

I took what was, I believe a ravioli can & laid out my design with a sharpie.DSC00251 Next I’ll poke the holes in with my wifes new Christmas gifted drill. (She picked it out). Got a Dremel with the radiac cut off wheel and cut out the bottom portion of the can. This part will be for the fire can.

The fire can:

This is a qiuck and easy way to prepair for any number of situations that require a source of heat or light. It only takes about ten minutes per can to make (remember that I am slightly fucked up & you can probably do this a bit faster than I), and doesn’t take a lot of resource or effort. Let me tell you folks, this may be the one thing that saves your ass someday.

I show you. DSC00208

This particular model is made from a sliced olive can.

Let’s back up one second. I have always been one of those types that felt like we, as a nation, overpackage the living shit out of the products we sell & buy. Therefore, we have soo much wasted shit going in and out of our garbage facilities. And not enough re-usageof the good stuff we would normally just throw away. The “nuisance materials”. Hence my fire cans, stoves & shit among others.

DSC00209You see how the cardboard from a box that came in the mail is being rolled up and used for the wick? That’s one way to put that old stuff to work. Cut the cardboard into strips about all but maybe an 1/8th of an inch from the top of the can. (That would be approx. .125 for the techies, and 3.175mm for those European folks). Roll it up nice and tight, then place it into the can like so…get youself some wax. I used some tea light (it’s a common item among most preppers because it’s fairly cheap for a lot of product). Remove the wicks and canisters (which are recyclable aluminum by the way). Melt the wax using the water bath method, inside another old can and pot of aqua works best. That way you don’t get your ass chewed by the ol’ lady. Anyway, when your wax is melted pour it into the can, making sure to soak the entire cardboard insert.

Now, some folks will tell you to fill the can and let it cool this way. Some will tell you to fill the can, then pour the wax into something else after your cardboard is soaked. This isnothing more than a personal preference. I have found that if you fill it all the way up & leave it that way, the fire burns a bit longer and not as hot…that’s all. Do it however the hell you want to, or don’t.

Moving on.

DSC00211When we tested the fire can, it took about 20 seconds maybe, to get fully lit. And about six shots of Fireball for me to. For a smaller can, it did burn pretty damn hot (fire, what’r you gonna do, it’s hot). We burned for about 10 minutes before puting out the fire. Enough to boil a small pot (or can) of water for drinking or cooking.

After I get the stove part of the can set cut out the rest of the way, I’ll test that last part out too. But, that ain’t happening tonight.

And there you have it folks…the real reason why I am making this a 2 parter……


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