Multi Tools

Much like any other tool in you garage, the multi tool has more value than the average fool thinks. The multi tool is probably the single most important item you can carry. It may save your life someday.

Myself, I have several. multi tools openNot just for the mere fact that a good, qualified redneck ought to have several of them.

My three main tools, for the purpose of this meaningless piece are as follows…largest being a Gerber Diesel Multi-Plyer, medium size being a cheapo knockoff I found at Lowes (it does have the tools I find useful though), and the smallest being a Sheffield Mini 12 in 1 multi-tool.

The large Gerber I use the most often and for make/ repairing lots of shit. I goes with me all over, every day. This tool even gets to work on some of my firearms from time to time. multi tools closed

The cheapo knockoff I found at Lowes gets put into my bugout bag. In fact this particular model I have a few of that go into each car, camping gear & said bug out bag.

And of course the small one goes into my pocket last ditcher. It folds up into a tiny package yet opens up into a fine tool if ever the need arises. sometimes I enjoy using these little jewels in place of regular tools just for the fun of it. Besides, why have it if not to use it?


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