Good Reading…Although A Bit Frightening

issac-asimov-predictionsThis may be the evidence needed to prove my time travel theories. Isaac Asimov had a way of predicting the future that scares the pants off of me. Knowing the little thing like he did tells me something that can only be known by a person who has either been there, lived & seen it for time-traveloneself or was shown by someone who has. I personally lean a little towards the time traveler idea. This would absolutely explain a whole mess of things, but would as well help make me look like less of an idiot when I talk about time travel.

Either way, I have found a story that may be a great time for some of you weirdos out there like myself to read. a link will be provided below. Or HERE.

* * * * *

Another Gem I stumbled into (no pun intended). I do enjoy the occasional how to instructional. HERE


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