Superbowl Sunday

You might know it, today is the biggest holiday of the year. Superbowl Sunday. The one day of the year that Americans (and a ton of the rest of the world) can yell, scream, drink till we puke and still call in to work tomorrow & it is totally understandable.

Well for uDSC00014s it’s the football game, no matter who is playing (even the Shithawks or Dumbver). The food, the snow, the salsa my wife makes. All great reasons to roll out of bed on Superbowl Sunday. DSC00004But most of all it’s the BBQ in the snow. Of course that goes along with lots of beer, beer, and more beer. Then after that, we drink more beer. Beer is good food, it’s like drinking liquid bread.

Moving on.

This year we will be dining on a nice pork butt that has been in the pit for about 4 hours at this time. Still having about 4 to go. DSC00011All with the impending 2-3 inches of snow that’s been hitting us all day today. Some nice spicy sauce I whipped together last evening. My 19-year-old daughter’s new recipe for bacon, sausage biscuits & gravy for breakfast rocked it. Along with the rest of the salsa and salads the other girls have been putting together all morning. I haven’t stopped snacking for hours, I’m so full already. Can’t wait to throw it all up later.

Well folks enjoy the game, the beer, and all the vomitting. Have a great holiday.



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