Carson City Firing Range

The Carson City firing range in Carson City, Nevada. Carson RiverNestled down inside a nice little valley of its own alongside the Carson River in the outer limits of Carson City.

Our range has three range areas including a pistol range with an approx. 50 yard distance to it, a rifle range with 100, 200, 300, & a 500 yard set of berms. It also has an AR style range off to the side of the rifle area with a row of concrete stands for firing prone and short-range sitting positions. hqdefaultAlso a bit further down the way, there are 4 “pits” around 40 yards deep for setting up training scenarios and other short range private setups. Along the back there is a short dropoff where a lot of folks like to set up a clay pigeon thrower.

The rifle and pistol ranges are covered with nice concrete tables in each lane. If you visit , remember to bring your own chairs & table mats/blankets so your guns don’t get any damage to them.

There is plenty of parking, and the roads are dirt but well maintained. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAAs this is a city park, the trash gets emptied often and the range does get cleared once in a while. Although, I have seen many folks who frequent the range get out there and clean up without the help of the city. Kudos to them. Quite a few people come out just to pick up the brass that get left on the ground for recycling.

It gets bit windy out there some days and the trash does tend to collect from time to time, but as I mentioned most people keep it picked up. The firearm community tries to keep a good image around here so as not to draw a lot of negative attention.

One of the drawbacks of this range would be that there is no one on sight, nor any type of rangemaster. There is no “pro- shop” or anywhere to buy ammo or earplugs, etc. Folks tend to work fairly well with one another about when to go cold/hot so others can get down range to setup targets, check, or whatever.

However when it get busyknow-it-all-300x223 (and it gets busy on the weekends & holidays) there is always going to be “that guy” who thinks he’s supposed to tell us all what we’re doing wrong or how to do something better. That’s just the way it is when you have a bunch of different personalities all in the same place at the same time though.

At the entrance is a sign posting the rules of the range, and they are pretty much all just common sense stuff. On occasion I have witnessed some witless rookies do some pretty dumb and dangerous shit here. And one of the things about the folks here in Nevada being that they aren’t afraid to speak up and let any one know “what the hell” they have done. Whether it be “bitching” or just teaching one, the problem has typically worked itself out. photos-23And things tend to get back on track quickly. Most times this type of thing occurs when a newby just needs to learn, and they usually do with no hard feelings.

All in all this is nice little park to visit if you enjoy the company of other firearm enthusiasts at a public range setting. Otherwise there are plenty of private places out in the vast Nevada dessert.




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