My Outdoor Projects For The Summer

DSC00291One of the many projects we have done this summer. This old bird house was a treasure we found while taking a load to the dump. I didn’t go there to pick stuff up and bring it home, but it happened to be right next to the trailer. My wife & her buddy who accompanied us picked it up. This poor old thing was definitely on it last leg. I spent some time sanding and re-gluing here and there.

My youngest girl, the artist, who happens to be going through a painting phase was a perfect candidate for the next step. Not what she had in mind as far as paintings go, however she did put a tad of herself into it and did a wonderful job bringing this fellow back to life.

I added a couple of mounting boards across the back. Took it outside and hung it on the side of the shed. Looks great if you ask me.


* * * * *

The wife and kids planted some beautiful rose bushes last week outside the garage window. They did a great job there.

DSC00055 DSC00058

* * * * *

Three weeks ago we planted a dwarf plum tree out in the back of the property. I had to build a fence around it out of some pallets we picked up for free at a local shop, because our puppy monsters have been in a digging and eating everything in sight including trees phase for about a year now. And they’re only 14 months old.


* * * * *

I guess for my next project, I will do a bit of touch up on my BBQ. It’s starting to show a bit of wear and tear.



* * * * *

This here is the only surviving bit of our garden. We can’t have a garden because we have monsters instead. A mix of flowers and a weed.




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