Dinner At Chez Redneck

DSC00621So, I take look outside this morning. It’s already 90 degrees by 10:00 AM. It’s supposed to be hotter than shit all day. What does this redneck idiot do? That’s right, light a fire baby.

Time for some BBQ. Not just any BBQ, bacon wrapped pork loin with Italian sausage. A meat lovers delight.

I start with a nice, quality pork loin (as previously mentioned). Then we, that is the wife and I, wrap and skewer around some nice bacon. DSC00596Making it look like a big delicious caterpillar of a sort.

We use mesquite for smoking on just about all meats, with the exception of some rib and poultry recipes. For the odd recipes I like to use cherry wood mixed with some pecan with the occasional walnut shell, when I have them.

Anyway, Taking the meat out to the grill I cook with indirect heat @ about 250 degrees for 5 hours. Then it goes into the roaster pan for oven cooking @ 260 degrees for an additional 3 hours, covered.

DSC00605Of course we put the sausages on for about an hour and a half for the smoke. They go into the pan with the pork loin later in the oven along with some of our own sauce, a few chunks of apple and onion. Letting all the bacon fat run right through and all over the meat, then sitting in that fat and just simmering and cooking in all that flavor.

8 hours later, we have acheived absolute perfection. Mixed with some olive oil & rosemary pasta, fresh grown zucchini we have a redneck trophy dinner.




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