Black Widow Hunting Season 2014

widerIt’s black widow season. A bit earlier than usual, but hunting season none the less. Normally the excitement starts around mid to late October, right around the time it just starts to get a bit nippy out. This seasons count has been in full swing for a couple of weeks now.

If you know anything about me, you know that I have a vested interest in finding and killing as many as possible. With the puppies, the kids and generally the sweet blood my wife must have to get bit by every creature under the sun & moon. Even myself, I have been bit twice by the little buggers in my life (and let me tell you, it sucks). black_widow

The last few years I have been keeping a tally for your enjoyment. The record high was two years ago with 31. Well, this year looks to be a new record if the pace we’re keeping continues.


Black Widow Bitches: 0

Black Widow Hunter extraordinaire: 26

* * * * *

Brown Recluse Spider: 0

Brown Recluse Spider Killers (whole family effort here): 3

* * * * *

Plain Ole’ Big Ugly Brown Spiders: 0

Plain Ole’ Big Ugly Brown Spider Smashers: MORE THAN WE CAN COUNT

* * * * *

Funny thing is, we have not yet seen any of the other critters they warned us about this year. That would include Scorpions, Rattlesnakes and the dreaded mosquitos. You know, all the hot weather mother f**kers. They seem to be all over the region, but we have something of a blocker on our property. Not that I’m complaining.

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