Yet Another Spider Update

I know we here at the Shitbagster estate post a lot of these updates during Black WidowFUCKING BITCH (19) season, but we are having an unusually large count this year. And the real season hasn’t even begun. Also it’s getting kind of difficult to find any Black Widow pictures that haven’t already been used before, or have a clear copyright on them. So without further ado, I give you todays numbers (as of Monday evening).

                                                  BLACK WIDOW KILLS: 83




FUCKING BITCH (9)We will eventually get those escapees, but to this date have not gotten one. We know where they are, though we have been busy killing all the other ones. The thing about Black Widows is they are willing to live in another, dead widows’ web. Which is why we find so many in the same spots as previous kills. As mentioned before, the season is approaching when they are normally active. That being the case, about half of the recent spiders have been very large. Probably from last years escapees. We’re also finding quite a few males as well, it being about that time of year to breed also.

The preceeding counts are true & accurate. With no added bullshit to “wow” you.

* * * * *

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