Those Damn Spiders

It’s Saturday and you know what that means.

Spider update time.

This week was kind of slow mainly because I only went out hunting once due to the smoke from that pesky King Fire over in Shitland California. That doesn’t stop the spiders from multiplying though.

Now bear in mind, this season is so awkward that even the recluse bastards are slightly out of season. We find then mostly inside, though I have found one out back underneath my pellet traps.

Drum roll please:

Black Widows: 0

Black Widow Killer Extraordinaire: 109 & counting

* * * * *

Brown Recluse: 0

Brown Recluse Killer Extraordinaire: 8

* * * * *

Shit Brown Spiders: 0

Shit Brown Spider Smashers: 12

* * * * *

Escapees: 11

(Update 9:45 P.M. got an escapee from last week, but 1 got away from me tonight. So the numbers kinda even out here)

* * * * *

New Category Vinegaroons: 0

Vinegaroon Smashers: 1

* * * * *

Now for the gallery. I apologize if there are any duplicates in here. As I mentioned before these photos are getting a bit hard to locate anymore.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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