Cat Zingano Beats Amanda Nunes @ UFC 178

It’s Unofficially official.

Forget all the bullshit hype about those other potential opponents who may, or may not face Ronda Rousey for the UFC Womens Bantamwieght Championship next.

Dana White has announced who will be the next fighter to face Ronda for her belt in a post fight press conference. After a tough year & a half away from the ring, beating Amanda Nunes in a third round TKO, Cat Zingano has improved her professional record to 9-0 earning herself a shot at the title at UFC 182. UFC 178 - Zingano v NunesNunes fell to a 9-4 record.

I am going on record (not that there is a record for people like me). Calling a second round tap out by Zingano in Rousey’s favor retaining her belt for the 5th consecutive UFC title defense.

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