It’s Wabbit Season (GRAPHIC)

Wabbit season has begun, so of course I went wabbit hunting. Here are a few of my favorites. But truthfully, the last one is from a couple of years ago.

wabbit season wabbit season (3) wabbit season (2)

 * * * * *

As promised, this is a graphic post. Here is the most recent rabbit I killed right before butchering. the catchThis is a Black Tailed jack-rabbit from Dayton, Nevada. Now, I get a lot of shit about jackrabbits, and how you shouldn’t eat them. “That’s disgusting” they say. “They have diseases”. True, they are susceptible to disease. It’s just that you have to know what to look for before eating it. And know what you’re looking at.

Speaking of that, did you notice the wall in the back?


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