Late Post

I found this in a draft page pile. Guess I forgot to post it last year.

We decide to go with a small garden this year, largely due to the “puppies'” habit of completely destroying everything in their path. They haven’t left an inch of our property DSC00010 (2)undug or unchewed in a year & a half. So, I went into the city (it totally sucked) to pick up some free pallets behind the Harley Davidson shop, so I could put up a half assed fence for said garden. We didn’t have an awful lot of money this season, ’cause of me recently dealing with a serious work injury and surgery to boot. So, for obvious reasons I went with the easy out this time. Next Year we’ll expand a bit. At least that’s the plan for now. My boys’ did a lot of the work & heavy lifting. Not without some complaint of course, but you know hard work builds character. My older boy has since moved away from home, I hope not because of this. Kidding.

DSC00012We had some old boxes and other shit that were left over from another garden of ours, at an another address. Since we have always been renters, we always took our shit with us when we left. Well, it’s a little different now. We own this place. So our shit has piled found a permanent home & a place to actually be useful. And that’s in a garden of course.

I was recently told by a crazy Indian that I know, my garden isn’t redneckish and half assed but, And I quote “abstracty”. Shit, if I can keep the dogs out, I don’t give a shit what anyone calls it. It is my little space away from the rigours of this complicated world. Plus, nothing beats fresh food. Period.





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