Saturday Is Hunting Day

During hunting season I usually go out 2 to 3 times a week, but Saturday is my early morning day. Right around 4 A.M. we get going. DSC00018This week I took my boy out for the first time chukar & quail hunting. He hasn’t had much training so it’s a bit difficult to get much going with him right now. He’s still a good dog and he’s got a hell of a nose. He wants to do well, he listens and learns fast not to mention he’s loyal as hell. We didn’t find much more than a jack-rabbit & some dove but that’s a good start for him. I hiked a good 4 miles as the crow flies, but it’s all up and down into gullies & creek beds, back up to the tops of hills and rocks. The poor mutt kept up the whole time. He acted like he was dying on the way home. But he is just a spoiled little brat when it comes down to it.

I’m kind of a camera slut when I go out into the mountains. I tend to take a lot of snapshots, so I have a few to show today. These are pics of the hills and surrounding areas outside of Dayton, Nevada’s south side open public lands. There are a few of Godzilla and myself in there as well. I’m not going to apologize either.

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Access to these areas are on the back side of the Dayton Rodeo Arena if you are ever in the area and want to go see for yourself. As you can see, we like to park the car and walk/hike off the beaten path. When you stay on the main path, there is just too much that you don’t see. And that’s not why we do it.

* * * * *

One of the things that I find all too much anymore, and this pisses me off to no end, trash. Fucking people can be the filthiest, inconsiderate laziest assholes of all creatures sometimes. There is a certain type of human that happens to be the lowest form of them all. That would be the animal abusers and rapists. Just above them on that list are the slime sucking fucks who would drive a truckload of trash ten miles out into the mountains, in some cases an hour out of the way, dump a load of shit onto the pristine land then go home to their nice little home & not feel a bit of shame. Meanwhile, the land is just covered in the shit that they where to damn cheap to pay to go to the dump for. ASSHOLES.


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I am sorry for the desert mountains & for the wildlife that has to live in that crap. But I will not apologize for the jerks who do this shit. They deserve worse than they get.

I am not one of those people who bitches about it then does nothing. While I’m out, I nearly always pick up shit, take it home and throw it away in my own trash can. I also pick up brass casings, for reloads or scrap value (my kids are the ones who profit from this) any time I find a pile of it lying around.

I can’t clean up the entire dessert alone, so I have chosen a type of trash to pick up. Mostly, I pick up shotgun shells, cans, & metal that has rusted and is out in the open for an animal or person to cut themself on. There is a bucket in my car for the shells, Damn if I had a dollar for every one of them. It’s not all I do but it’s what I do just about every time. Not much, but it’s something.

I don’t own a truck, so my Jeep is what I use. There are a few garbage bags at any givin time in the back though. I have been known to load the fucker with trash & shit and stink it the hell up. That sucks.

“Always take more out of the desert than you brought in.”

I’ve been cleaning up at the local firing ranges as well. It seems like these Gung Ho “2nd amendment advocates” or “Mericans” who care so much about their nation don’t seem to give a fuck about the land they leave their shit on.

I have spoken to a few folks at the Carson City Firing Range about maybe taking a day & let’s all get together to pick up some trash around the ranges. Big surprise, they all agree “it’s not my fault/problem”. More like they’re either just as lazy as the asshats who dump into the desert, or nothing is more important than “them”.

“It’s up to the people who make a mess to clean it up” they say. What a chicken shit cop-out.

I have been doing this for years now, this is the first & the last time you will ever hear a complaint about it from me. The next time you are at the firing ranges out here, think about this. We have to live with what we do.

People, clean up after yourselves dammit. Or don’t use the facilities.

* * * * *

I do not apologize.




More Wildfire Life In Nevada

King Fire (8) King Fire (7)King Fire as seen from Dayton




* * * * *

King Fire (6) King Fire (5)King Fire as seen from Carson City

* * * * *

Just a few more shots of the King Fire. Hope you guys aren’t sick of the wildfire & smoke pics yet, cause it isn’t over yet.


Nevada (8)The moon from my back porch.

* * * * *

Nevada (4) Nevada (2) Nevada (3)Dry lake near Stagecoach.

* * * * *

Nevada (5) NevadaFound this “little” fellow in that same dry lake. Wasn’t so little.

* * * * *

Nevada (7) Nevada (6)King Fire in California as seen from my back porch.

Yet Another Spider Update

I know we here at the Shitbagster estate post a lot of these updates during Black WidowFUCKING BITCH (19) season, but we are having an unusually large count this year. And the real season hasn’t even begun. Also it’s getting kind of difficult to find any Black Widow pictures that haven’t already been used before, or have a clear copyright on them. So without further ado, I give you todays numbers (as of Monday evening).

                                                  BLACK WIDOW KILLS: 83




FUCKING BITCH (9)We will eventually get those escapees, but to this date have not gotten one. We know where they are, though we have been busy killing all the other ones. The thing about Black Widows is they are willing to live in another, dead widows’ web. Which is why we find so many in the same spots as previous kills. As mentioned before, the season is approaching when they are normally active. That being the case, about half of the recent spiders have been very large. Probably from last years escapees. We’re also finding quite a few males as well, it being about that time of year to breed also.

The preceeding counts are true & accurate. With no added bullshit to “wow” you.

* * * * *

clicky clicky

Islam. . .For me?

Islam. . .Is it right for you?

While in the shower this afternoon, I had a profound thought.

Should I convert to Islam?

Am I happy with my current belief? Should I change everything about my life? Or betray my fellow Americans for a greater purpose? I might be a bit conflicted on this one. This will take some pro/con comparisons

Let’s review some of the criteria. . .

Do I believe in God? A little, yes. Just because I have read the Bible doesn’t necessarily mean that I feel that God really likes me. God probably thinks I’m kind of an asshole, like most people do. That’s OK because I like God anyway even if he/she doesn’t want me to. I have, to this date found nothing in the Bible that says we can’t be assholes. Obviously, the Quran has no such clauses either. This may work for me.

Do I like Jews? Sure I like Jews. Not one Jew has ever given me a reason not to like them. Unlike the Muslims who hate them, for no reason whatsoever. This doesn’t work well for me.

Do I like virgins? I wouldn’t know. Never had the pleasure. I don’t have the desire or patience to train a bunch of “kids” to do the shit I like. This definitely is not my thing.

Do I like to wear funny sock like hats? Yes. Yes, I do like to wear hats. I live in a mostly cold climate area. A funny sock like hat might be my thing.

Do I like beards? Not really, but I am kind of lazy sometimes. So, never shaving again might work for me.

Do I enjoy blowing shit up? FUCK YEAH. Who wouldn’t enjoy the occasional explosion here & there. Fuck, I love to blow shit up. This definitely works for me.

Do I like people? No. Well, not many. My need to chop other people’s heads off is a bit less than my possible, future brethren. I don’t feel like doing such lovely things often at all, except maybe on paydays. I do think Obama is a prick though & that’s gotta count for something. This is kinda “iffy” for me.

Do I like firearms? Yes I do. This one works for me as well. On a side note, I like the desert also.

Do I believe humans are the greatest of all creatures? Not really. Some of them have me convinced that humans are as dumb as shit. This is not for me.

Do I respect women? Yes I do. Especially my wife. Without her, I am absolutely nothing. I don’t think this one will work for me either.

Do I think other religions should be allowed? Yes. People have thoughts that have yet to be under total control of others (even though we’re closing in on this concept). Let them think what they want to. It’s really none of our fucking business what’s inside your heads. This really isn’t for me.

Should I kill people who do not believe the same fucked up, bullshit, unproven, horse ball licking, pray to some god that condones murder, arab psychobabble crock of shit religion as me? No. That’s a deal breaker. Without freedom, we are already dead.

After a lot of deliberation, I do believe I have come to a conclusion that is relatively simple.


Come at me, I’m ready. Assholes.

Oh that’s right, I forgot. You muslims like to be chicken-shit and blow people up when they aren’t looking. Be careful if you value your asses. We will not take much more of your shit, and we have a much more powerful military.

By the way, I don’t fuck goats.


Found originally at tomfernandez28’s Blog. A new find of mine.

I Love Dogs

I love dogs of all breeds.

I love all dogs.

Dogs love me.

But . . .

I love my dogs the most.

DSC00414Just look at that beautiful creature, and the dog ain’t bad either.

* * * * *

I have also grown quite fond of Nevada


Dinner At Chez Redneck

DSC00621So, I take look outside this morning. It’s already 90 degrees by 10:00 AM. It’s supposed to be hotter than shit all day. What does this redneck idiot do? That’s right, light a fire baby.

Time for some BBQ. Not just any BBQ, bacon wrapped pork loin with Italian sausage. A meat lovers delight.

I start with a nice, quality pork loin (as previously mentioned). Then we, that is the wife and I, wrap and skewer around some nice bacon. DSC00596Making it look like a big delicious caterpillar of a sort.

We use mesquite for smoking on just about all meats, with the exception of some rib and poultry recipes. For the odd recipes I like to use cherry wood mixed with some pecan with the occasional walnut shell, when I have them.

Anyway, Taking the meat out to the grill I cook with indirect heat @ about 250 degrees for 5 hours. Then it goes into the roaster pan for oven cooking @ 260 degrees for an additional 3 hours, covered.

DSC00605Of course we put the sausages on for about an hour and a half for the smoke. They go into the pan with the pork loin later in the oven along with some of our own sauce, a few chunks of apple and onion. Letting all the bacon fat run right through and all over the meat, then sitting in that fat and just simmering and cooking in all that flavor.

8 hours later, we have acheived absolute perfection. Mixed with some olive oil & rosemary pasta, fresh grown zucchini we have a redneck trophy dinner.



This is just about the creepiest shit I have found this week. Enjoy.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-31147-1404156456-4 anigif_enhanced-buzz-16938-1404154588-15 anigif_enhanced-buzz-12708-1404153936-22

UFC 175

RRRUFC 175 went off without much of a hitch for Ronda Rousey, again. With a 16 second knockout over #2 ranked female bantamweight fighter Alexis Davis that didn’t come without a price. Ronda has re-opened an old wound in her right hand, needing 9 stitches across her hand after last nights fight. The result of a cyst that was popped apparently from a major impact across Davis’ face.

The knee issue is one that has been around since Ronda was about 16 years old. After multiple surgeries on the ACL & a bit of neglect, she has decided to take the time off and get her body back into top condition. RRR

Ronda has now successfully defended her title 4 times. Three of which have been in the last 6 months & now boasting a 10-0-0 MMA record.

Damn, I would hate to have her angry with me at 100% if this is what she considers being broken. It’s no secret Ronda has been one of my favorite female fighters since she burst onto the MMA scene in 2010. I have watched her career fairly closely and found that she just gets better every time I see her fight.

The main event went well for UFC middleweight champ Chris Weidman Defeating #3 ranked Lyoto Machida with a unanimous decision after all 5 rounds. Proving that he is without a doubt a championship quality fighter. Weidman now boasts a record 12-0-0 and is considered the #5 pound for pound fighter in the UFC.

RRROther main card wins include Uriah Hall beating Thiago Santos by decision & Marcus Brimage beating Russell Doane by decision as well.

Prelim wins include Urijah Faber with a submission win over Alex Caceres, Kenny Robertson with a decision over Ildemar Alcantara, Bruno Santos with a decision over Chris Camozzi & a TKO win for Rob Font defeating George Roop.