Saturday Is Hunting Day

During hunting season I usually go out 2 to 3 times a week, but Saturday is my early morning day. Right around 4 A.M. we get going. DSC00018This week I took my boy out for the first time chukar & quail hunting. He hasn’t had much training so it’s a bit difficult to get much going with him right now. He’s still a good dog and he’s got a hell of a nose. He wants to do well, he listens and learns fast not to mention he’s loyal as hell. We didn’t find much more than a jack-rabbit & some dove but that’s a good start for him. I hiked a good 4 miles as the crow flies, but it’s all up and down into gullies & creek beds, back up to the tops of hills and rocks. The poor mutt kept up the whole time. He acted like he was dying on the way home. But he is just a spoiled little brat when it comes down to it.

I’m kind of a camera slut when I go out into the mountains. I tend to take a lot of snapshots, so I have a few to show today. These are pics of the hills and surrounding areas outside of Dayton, Nevada’s south side open public lands. There are a few of Godzilla and myself in there as well. I’m not going to apologize either.

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Access to these areas are on the back side of the Dayton Rodeo Arena if you are ever in the area and want to go see for yourself. As you can see, we like to park the car and walk/hike off the beaten path. When you stay on the main path, there is just too much that you don’t see. And that’s not why we do it.

* * * * *

One of the things that I find all too much anymore, and this pisses me off to no end, trash. Fucking people can be the filthiest, inconsiderate laziest assholes of all creatures sometimes. There is a certain type of human that happens to be the lowest form of them all. That would be the animal abusers and rapists. Just above them on that list are the slime sucking fucks who would drive a truckload of trash ten miles out into the mountains, in some cases an hour out of the way, dump a load of shit onto the pristine land then go home to their nice little home & not feel a bit of shame. Meanwhile, the land is just covered in the shit that they where to damn cheap to pay to go to the dump for. ASSHOLES.


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I am sorry for the desert mountains & for the wildlife that has to live in that crap. But I will not apologize for the jerks who do this shit. They deserve worse than they get.

I am not one of those people who bitches about it then does nothing. While I’m out, I nearly always pick up shit, take it home and throw it away in my own trash can. I also pick up brass casings, for reloads or scrap value (my kids are the ones who profit from this) any time I find a pile of it lying around.

I can’t clean up the entire dessert alone, so I have chosen a type of trash to pick up. Mostly, I pick up shotgun shells, cans, & metal that has rusted and is out in the open for an animal or person to cut themself on. There is a bucket in my car for the shells, Damn if I had a dollar for every one of them. It’s not all I do but it’s what I do just about every time. Not much, but it’s something.

I don’t own a truck, so my Jeep is what I use. There are a few garbage bags at any givin time in the back though. I have been known to load the fucker with trash & shit and stink it the hell up. That sucks.

“Always take more out of the desert than you brought in.”

I’ve been cleaning up at the local firing ranges as well. It seems like these Gung Ho “2nd amendment advocates” or “Mericans” who care so much about their nation don’t seem to give a fuck about the land they leave their shit on.

I have spoken to a few folks at the Carson City Firing Range about maybe taking a day & let’s all get together to pick up some trash around the ranges. Big surprise, they all agree “it’s not my fault/problem”. More like they’re either just as lazy as the asshats who dump into the desert, or nothing is more important than “them”.

“It’s up to the people who make a mess to clean it up” they say. What a chicken shit cop-out.

I have been doing this for years now, this is the first & the last time you will ever hear a complaint about it from me. The next time you are at the firing ranges out here, think about this. We have to live with what we do.

People, clean up after yourselves dammit. Or don’t use the facilities.

* * * * *

I do not apologize.




Those Damn Spiders

It’s Saturday and you know what that means.

Spider update time.

This week was kind of slow mainly because I only went out hunting once due to the smoke from that pesky King Fire over in Shitland California. That doesn’t stop the spiders from multiplying though.

Now bear in mind, this season is so awkward that even the recluse bastards are slightly out of season. We find then mostly inside, though I have found one out back underneath my pellet traps.

Drum roll please:

Black Widows: 0

Black Widow Killer Extraordinaire: 109 & counting

* * * * *

Brown Recluse: 0

Brown Recluse Killer Extraordinaire: 8

* * * * *

Shit Brown Spiders: 0

Shit Brown Spider Smashers: 12

* * * * *

Escapees: 11

(Update 9:45 P.M. got an escapee from last week, but 1 got away from me tonight. So the numbers kinda even out here)

* * * * *

New Category Vinegaroons: 0

Vinegaroon Smashers: 1

* * * * *

Now for the gallery. I apologize if there are any duplicates in here. As I mentioned before these photos are getting a bit hard to locate anymore.


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More Wildfire Life In Nevada

King Fire (8) King Fire (7)King Fire as seen from Dayton




* * * * *

King Fire (6) King Fire (5)King Fire as seen from Carson City

* * * * *

Just a few more shots of the King Fire. Hope you guys aren’t sick of the wildfire & smoke pics yet, cause it isn’t over yet.


Nevada (8)The moon from my back porch.

* * * * *

Nevada (4) Nevada (2) Nevada (3)Dry lake near Stagecoach.

* * * * *

Nevada (5) NevadaFound this “little” fellow in that same dry lake. Wasn’t so little.

* * * * *

Nevada (7) Nevada (6)King Fire in California as seen from my back porch.

Spider Update Sept. 12, 2014

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Time for another spider hunting update. Remember the following account is true & accurate as well as approximately a month earlier than previous years.

This weeks count

Black Widows: 55 (Busy little f**kers)

Brown Recluse: 5 (sneaky little f**kers)

Shit Brown Spiders: 7 (ugly little f**kers)

Escapees: 6 (slippery little f**kers)

** Note** The shit brown spider count is current as of 9/7/14. The actual count is much higher but we here at the Shitbagster estate want to be honest with you.

July 4th, 2014

It’s been one year and I finally hit over 10,000 views. Thanks for taking the time check us out. I’m sorry but we can’t give it back. It’s all ours now. Suckers.

Ocd-3You probably don’t know it but there are more than one of us here. My counterpart chooses to be silent in name. Also, this is my 4th blog over the last few years. My minor OCD has led me to the total destruction of the other useless, waste of time blogs. This may be the cause of the disappearance of the one you’re reading right now some day.

For now, I believe we’re safe.

I have gathered a few photos from around the internet for your viewing pleasure on this fine 4th of July. Enjoy. Be safe.

* * * * *

Yogi brown eyesMy dog totally does this

* * * * *


Be this guy

Mid Hiatus Bullshit Post

I’ve been neglecting y’all. I know this.

Though I do have a stronge feeling that no one died or even gave much of a shit because of that fact. None the less, my appologies to that one person who read my ramblings. Thanks for caring.

Now for the excuse. I was sick, doing extra work around the house, working late at the office, remodeling a laundry room, fucking off more than I meant to, etc., blah blah blah. Did I miss anything? Well, who gives a shit anyway?

ronda rouseyI guess everyone knows now who the best female fighter in the world is. Rowdy Ronda Rousey. The undefeated, undisputed Women’s Bantamweight UFC Champion. At 9-0-0 Ronda Rousey is no one to be triffled with. She whipped Sara Mcmanns ass in the first round by TKO with repeated knees to the body. UFC 170Ronda has stated she has much respect for Mcmann, you wouldn’t know it by the way she looked during the fight. Proving one fact, Rousey is all business in the ring. I would not want to be the person she hates. Like Meisha Tate maybe.

Moving on.

I have been running around the internet like a little whore though. I do somehow make the time here & there to search some of the strangest, darkest corners of the WWW. In the spirit of sharing I have found and brought forward a few upsetting and disturbing photos for your enjoyment (save the war pics). Your welcome. And I’m sorry. But not really.

dead_people_191 l_6f029ed4421a006a360ab9d34b42b81ddisturbing_silicone_bert_640_04-clown-1322886717disturbing-640x903Elf-8

A Shitload of Snakes

Taken from Yahoo. Fuck Yahoo!!

A Bit Of Random Awesomeness

100_aweinspiring_photos_640_91 100_aweinspiring_photos_640_94 aball Ammo beast-mode-15 noble-1 touche2

Multi Tools

Much like any other tool in you garage, the multi tool has more value than the average fool thinks. The multi tool is probably the single most important item you can carry. It may save your life someday.

Myself, I have several. multi tools openNot just for the mere fact that a good, qualified redneck ought to have several of them.

My three main tools, for the purpose of this meaningless piece are as follows…largest being a Gerber Diesel Multi-Plyer, medium size being a cheapo knockoff I found at Lowes (it does have the tools I find useful though), and the smallest being a Sheffield Mini 12 in 1 multi-tool.

The large Gerber I use the most often and for make/ repairing lots of shit. I goes with me all over, every day. This tool even gets to work on some of my firearms from time to time. multi tools closed

The cheapo knockoff I found at Lowes gets put into my bugout bag. In fact this particular model I have a few of that go into each car, camping gear & said bug out bag.

And of course the small one goes into my pocket last ditcher. It folds up into a tiny package yet opens up into a fine tool if ever the need arises. sometimes I enjoy using these little jewels in place of regular tools just for the fun of it. Besides, why have it if not to use it?